Verified for skin health

​Building trust between companies and consumers for your skin.

Dermatologically tested and verified.™ Quality Seal

Did you know that what goes on your skin can potentially go in your body just as easily as food you ingest?  How do you know a product is safe?

Even when you try to find out what’s safe – there are so many marketing catch-phrases with vague words such as “Non-toxic”, “Chemical-free”, “Allergy-friendly”, “Dermatologically tested”.  It is hard to determine what is safe to put on your skin.

The DermaVeritas™ Quality Seal was created to help consumers easily identify whether a product is safe to use for skin and cut through the noise of all the marketing terms.

We are a 3rd-party non-profit certification ensuring that products are:

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Tested for skin

Products are tested specifically for skin


Products are usable in their current form


Marketing terms for verified products are truthful and backed by science

Image Source: The Noun Project, Artists: Javier Nuno, parkjisun, Flatart